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Colour Town Art is all about vibrant colors and intensity. The materials I use are of high quality, including cotton canvas, acrylic paints, and markers, primarily from brands such as Posca and Molotov. I paint my works on loose or stretched canvas. Customers have the option to hang the loose canvas directly on the wall or frame it using dark brown, black, or any other colored frames, allowing room for imagination.


My artworks are characterized by their intense composition, featuring multiple colorful objects scattered across large canvases. Viewers can take their time exploring different parts of the picture and always discover something new. Even as the artist, I often revisit my previous paintings and find new elements within them.


If you're interested in purchasing my artwork, please contact me using the details below. For selected works, I offer the opportunity to view more details or ask questions through a short video call. During the call, I can present the artwork and share the story of how it was created. To learn more about the delivery process for art pieces, please visit the Delivery of Artworks section on my website.


Get in touch by filling out the form. I will respond as soon as I can.

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